Rabu, 08 Februari 2012

about House of ALNASZ

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Hallo friends, welcome to House of ALNASZ
ALNASZ is a brand of Muslimah clothing line that established on January, 2012. Here we will tell you about our brand :

1. The brand name it self is ALNASZ, and the designers is Tian ListiDina HakimMeisza Adila so we call it ALNASZ. Why we choose ALNASZ as the brand name? ALNASZ is abbreviation of the designers name,
2. The favorite color of ALNASZ are bright pastels and some earth tone colour which very representing the designers personality.
3.The essences of ALNASZ are about comfort, cute, feminime, cheers in calmness, full of spirit, and also uniqueness that hopefully can showing the identity of users it self. Cut with details, such as ruffle and others. and the motif are flowery, polka dot, and other cute prints.
4.The purpose of ALNASZ is to share inspiration and be a reference to all Muslim women in the world to express their style but still in Islamic rules (amin). Our targets are Indonesian muslimah range from 17 to 30 years old. But, it's not close the opportunity for older or younger muslimah to wearALNASZ product. :)

much love,

the owner and designers of ALNASZ :*

wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh